Why I decided to call my photo site Ephemeral? For several reasons. To begin with, I loved the word the first time I read it. Its spelling and its sound make it qualify for the most beautiful word in the English language. Ironically reflexive, the word is in its beauty and appearance ephemeral. But it also conveys a meaning that applies well to my photography. Most of my pictures capture a specific moment, and could not have been made a minute earlier or later. They are about realities that go by; that are literally ephemeral. This also means that what makes a picture worth looking at, may change or disappear over time. The aesthetics of these pictures is not universal or permanent. It is ephemeral. And finally, photography is for me just a pastime. This means that I can pick it up anytime I want to set my mind to something different, and drop it whenever I am done with it again. I don't have to perform or achieve the way I have to (and we all have to) in our professional activities. To me, shooting photos is ephemeral.